Daffodil or Daisy

Aissa Martell
3 min readMar 22, 2023

Original children’s story written for https://tuttify.io/


Daffodil or daisy, pansy or primrose. They are all flowers in a garden, meadow, or even your home.

Every flower is different. Every flower has its own gift. Their gifts come in many forms. From the way they look to the way they smell. They may better a garden meadow or your home well.

In the garden where the sunflower rises above the aster, their petals show. One from high and one from low.

The petals of the sunflower dance in the wind for all to see their beautiful colors of golden and yellow.

The asters take a step below. Their flower heads show along the grass more close. In many different colors, their petals burst. See them in colors of white, pink, blue, or purple.

The sunflower does not change the beauty of the aster. And the aster does not rival the sunflower. They each play a part in the land of the garden.

The morning glory rises as the moonflower starts to rest. They are in the same family. But have their own quest.

The morning glory blooms with the rays of the sun. It watches the days and shares its gifts in daylight.

The moonflower blossoms when the moon starts to rise. It keeps a lookout for all that walks in the night.