Aissa Martell
2 min readJan 25, 2024


Photo by Amirhossein Khedri on Unsplash

Why do the starlings fly in a flock? And perch in a line along the rooftops?

How do they fly in such harmony? As if the whole flock were one giant wing.

When they spread apart then band back together, is it a feeling or just birds of a feather?

Why do the oceans move as one? From the north and south, east and west.

We crowd the shores as if it were our nest.

A world of wonder hides underneath. The ocean gives life to so many things.

The waves that crash against the sand, carry bits and pieces back into their dark depths.

Sand meets water as the sand meets the land. The oceans meet and the sea continues its beat. Is it the heart of the ocean or just nature calling?

When the fire burns and crackles does it choose which place to amber? As it changes wood to ash does it choose its steps or have a plan?

Or is it clumsy, breezing, and wondering? Firing about wildly? Changing everything in its path carelessly?

When the wildflowers grow in the meadow does the question of their roots overshadow their beauty?

It is as if their growth is a will of their own. Living freely and growing easily. Covering grassy land, refusing all plans.

Do the wildflowers follow any rules? Is there a map in the sky making their design? What gives their roots the cause to grow? And spread over the meadows like water flows?

When the stars twinkle in the sky, do they know that they are a guiding light? Do they sparkle so that we can see? Or is it the nature of a galaxy? Is it the heartbeat of a distant land? A land that does not care about the eyes of man.

When they twinkle and when they shine do they have the thought in mind? Or do they glow without even knowing? Just like we breathe without even thinking.

When we gather in celebration, we make the plans and send the invitations. But is it what we really do when we are sharing in a laugh? Is it all in a plan when hand meets hand? These things that come so naturally.

Like the starlings flying in their flocks. Like the oceans waves against the docks. Like when the fire is burning across. Like when the wildflowers bloom unprovoked. And when the stars shine upon us. All of these things we may take for granted. But in these things lays the magic. There is beauty in everything you see. Even the things that come so naturally.